Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging Without Obligation

Did you notice the logo on the left - Blogging Without Obligation? What a concept! I came across a comment in another blog relating to this and it really does set the captives free! The author created the logo (and allows anyone to use it) after noticing how often bloggers apologize for not having blogged recently or consistently. The pressure to perform only makes us slaves to our blogs, not writers looking for avenues of joyful expression. If all I think about is what to say or how long since I've said anything, suddenly I find I have nothing to say!

Ah, the exhilaration of freedom...a highly prized value. As I said earlier, blogging is giving me a chance to grow and learn and develop my writing skills. If I have to worry about how fast, how soon or how well I'm doing it, then I've defeated my primary purpose. I appreciate the release that blogging without obligation brings. And I extend it to you as well, dear reader. Come and go at your leisure. Enjoy the moment and live the mystery -- did she blog today?

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CoyoteFe said...

Egad! Yes in deed. I have experienced that guilt, and there is a palpable difference between blogging when I feel it, and blogging when I feel I should. Yeah, man! The former is the point. Thank you!